Welcoming your child’s LGBTQ friends is one of more than 50 ways that parents and caregivers can help reduce risk and increase well-being for LGBTQ youth

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Research from the Family Acceptance Project® shows that families play a critical role in contributing to serious health risks & promoting well-being for LGBTQ young people.

Learn about how family behaviors affect your LGBTQ child’s health risks and ways to reduce risk and increase support.

Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) and the Family Acceptance Project (FAP) are working together to increase family support for LGBTQ children, youth and young adults during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We have developed this resource page and other ways to support LGBTQ youth and families.

The following resource lists are not intended to include all LGBTQ-related resources. Resources included here focus on services and support for LGBTQ youth and families in Oregon and some national LGBTQ resources.

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Oregon LGBTQ Youth & Family Resources